Metrotower III Base Building Specifications



Nine high speed elevators will transport people quickly from lobby levels and separate shuttle elevators provide service from the underground parking to the lobby. Floors 4-17 will be serviced by four dedicated low-rise elevators, and floors 18-29 will be serviced by four dedicated high-rise elevators. Both high and low-rise banks will share the freight elevator, which will provide service from the loading level to the 29th floor.


Five levels of secured above-grade decked parking and five levels of underground parking is available for over 1,200 vehicles for Metrotower Office Complex. Additional temporary courier parking is located near the shuttle elevator to the lobby of Metrotower III. The office-only parkade will be secured with a card access entry system.


Short-term office visitor parking is also available on site for up to four hours in the retail/shopping centre underground parkade with quick and easy access to shuttle elevators arriving at the lobby levels of Metrotower I, II, & III. Metrotower Office Complex visitor parking is clearly identified and is located close to the Central Boulevard entrance.


Exposed smooth concrete slab is ready for the flooring of choice to be supplied and installed by tenants. Typical floor loading capacity will be 65 lbs per square foot live load with 30 lbs per square foot dead load. Additional areas around the core of the building have been fortified to provide higher density storage of 250 lbs per square foot live load and 30 lbs per square foot dead load. Provisions have been made for vertical openings in structural slab to accommodate stairs for multi-floor tenants.


The perimeter core, unless otherwise noted, will be 5/8” gypsum board on metal stud furring taped, sanded and ready for tenant’s paint finish. Common corridor walls and demising walls will be constructed of one 5/8” drywall on each side with a 3-5/8” steel stud insulated with acoustical mat and constructed from the floor to ceiling slab. Joints will be taped, sanded, and ready to receive finish.


Typical ceilings will be acoustic tile and T-bar; white, regular edge for 1” T-bar, 20” x 60” x 5/8” tile with NRC 0.55. Ceiling grid will be completed by the landlord with tiles stacked on the floor. Floor to underside of structure height: 11’-2” +/- (areas of beams reduced to 10’-2”). Floor to T-bar height: 9’-0”.


Washroom walls and floors will be tiled with gypsum wallboard ceilings.


Typical doors will be hollow metal in pressed steel frames. They will be painted and, where required, rated.


Building standard roll-down sun screen shades will be installed on all exterior glazing.


Common area corridors will have suspended ceilings with gypsum bulkheads, and will be lighted with fluorescent and halogen light fixtures. Typical multi-tenant floors will be finished with 32 ounce carpet.


The power supply to Metrotower III will be at (2) 2500 KVA - 3000 Amp, 12.47KV-347/600V from unit substations. The incoming feed will terminate in a single high voltage switchgear for combined lighting and mechanical services.


On typical office floors, power services for the tenant spaces will be provided from tap boxes mounted on a 2000A 347/600V bus duct riser located in the core electrical rooms on each floor. The tap box will feed an individually metered service switch, a 112.5 KVA phase-shifting harmonic mitigating transformer, and a (2) x 66 circuit, 120/208 volt panel board for tenant miscellaneous power and lighting loads. Additional UPS and emergency generator capacity is also available for tenant installation.


On typical office floors, power capabilities will be provided as follows:

  • 0.59 watts per square foot for standard building lighting;
  • 2.0 watts per square foot for tenant task or specialty lighting;
  • 2.0 watts per square foot for miscellaneous tenant power;
  • 1.0 watts per square foot spare capacity for special tenant uses. 


Standard lighting of 300 lux will be maintained at a work level of 30” from the floor. Recessed 20” x 24” luminaires in the drop ceiling with high performance meso-optic lens. One fixture per 120 sf is provided. Lighting at 120V. Perimeter luminaires will be photocell controlled (daylight harvesting).


A digital electrical metering system will be provided to record the electricity consumption of the building and all tenant electrical loads.


Landlord will provide standard base building 4-pipe fan coil heating ventilation and air-conditioning system exceeding ASHRAE standards. That will include one mixing box and thermostat per 600 sf, and one air diffuser per 180 sf. All changes due to partitioning and tenant office layout in the Leased Premises or additions of equipment will be made at the tenant’s expense. Sprinklers to be installed by landlords as per fire code to the building standard. A two hour rated shaft will provide additional opportunities for tenants to connect to supplemental cooling and UPS / emergency generator at their expense.


Communications service ducts will be run from the Main Communications Room to the property line for extension by Telus and to the dual transformer unit substation service entry. This room will be subdivided into security cages for the third-party service providers (POP sites). Sleeves and pathways will be provided for telecommunications cabling by the tenants to suit (1) 4” conduit for every two floors. Each office floor will be provided with a cable tray into the ceiling space for extension of tenant cabling to suit. This cable tray will terminate in the Communication riser rooms.


An addressable, zoned, non-code, two-stage fire alarm and fire detection system will be provided. This system will incorporate audible and visual alarms, emergency voice paging, fire fighters’ emergency telephone, and control of smoke exhaust systems, and will be designed to fully integrate with other life safety, sprinkler, security, and smoke exhaust systems.


State-of-the-art security will give tenants peace of mind. The security system will be fully integrated and distributed throughout the building from a central control station to completely independent remote sub-stations. This system will recognize access cards, and control electromagnetic locks, electrically operated door strikes, and monitor security door contacts. Card readers will be provided in the building at critical points including all exterior doors, elevators, and other critical areas restricted to the public. The system may be extended by tenants to operate tenant access doors. Closed-circuit television surveillance will be provided at critical points including public circulation areas, loading docks and building main entrances, All monitors will be located within the Main Security Control Centre.


LEED Platinum certified under the LEED certification system, Metrotower III is well suited to tenants with a strong commitment to responsible, sustainable practices. Metrotower III offers cost savings in addition to a lower environmental impact.  Among the many benefits are:

  • Lower operation and maintenance costs;
  • Energy and resource savings;
  • Increased productivity as a result of more natural daylight and fresh air;
  • Separately metered power means tenants pay for only what they use and can realize cost savings by prudent use of their power;
  • Storm water management system that collects water for landscaping and fountains;
  • The most efficient lighting fixtures available on the market today.

Metrotower III’s sustainable features not only save energy, they save on operation and maintenance costs.


By incorporating energy efficiency measures into the design, Metrotower III is participating in BC Hydro’s High Performance Building Program.


More comfortable and more environmentally responsible. The sustainable features built into Metrotower III improve employee well-being:

  • Reduced exposure to toxic chemicals because of the use of healthy materials such as non-toxic glues and low-odour paints;
  • Circulated filtered fresh outdoor air;
  • More natural daylight;
  • Optimized indoor temperature, humidity and air flow.



Ivanhoe Cambridge and our stakeholders will work with new tenants to help achieve LEED Commercial Interior (CI) certification. Buildings that are Platinum pre-certified under the LEED certification system have a distinct advantage in achieving LEED Commercial Interior certification. This certification can be achieved through a combination of initiatives already required by the City, such as construction waste management, and additional initiatives that would not necessarily have significant cost implications such as:

  • Using regional and recycled materials, which can sometimes cost even less than conventional materials, depending on what is selected;
  • Monitoring indoor air quality during construction;
  • Specifying low-emitting material, which typically does not cost more than conventional material.